Highly Recommend

I wanted to buy a home and was totally overwhelmed, between working two jobs and looking for places that fit in my budget was making me so frustrated. I was grumpy, short and at times just down right rude and Alex displayed such an awesome attitude, making himself available in a hour at times, so I could go see yet another place. We had an interesting situation with a seller and I was feeling uncomfortable with the sellers tactics, and decided to send Alex an email about it. Before I could even finish my email, I had one from him telling me everything I was writing to him. I felt so much better knowing that Alex was in tune with how I was feeling before I even had a chance to express it myself. Once I found my home and the offer was accepted, Alex still worked his butt off to save me money, schedule my closing, even was able to get the closing much closer to my location. I was so happy with this experience and fully intend to refer him to anyone that asks !!! I was especially impressed with his professionalism while still being personable and friendly. Thank you so much for helping me through one of the most important and scary choices of my life !!

— Sunny Tharp